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Non-Profit Organization Aaustrvegrustrvegr Society was founded in 2006. We were brought together by keen interest for the history of our land and people, as well as common passion towards the beautiful nature and even more beautiful cultural heritage.

We believe that every person, young or old, rich or poor, can never be truly happy without knowing their roots, without knowing their history. The cultural heritage of Estonia, history of estonians and the knowledge of our ancestors define us and our lives even now. Austrvegr Society was made to better understand, to know and to pass on the daily lives of our ancient ancestors.

Austrvegr means Eastern Way. This is the name our ancestors and their land was called by their neighbours in Scandinavia. Through here passed the rich and vital connection between Asia and Northern Europe. Through the very roads of our ancestors flowed arabic silver and countless riches, travelled merchants, craftsmen and warriors.


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