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Kiruvere Muinaslaager
Kiruvere Muinaslaager is a gathering of re-enactors and enthusiasts of Iron Age, whose goal is to reconstruct the specific historical period of Estonia and its surrounding areas. In their goal the re-enactors and enthusiasts are relying upon the studies of archaeologists and historians.
The historical period of Kiruvere Muinaslaager is set between the 9th and 12th century AD (roughly the years 850-1150 AD) and geographically centred on Estonia. All the clothing (including head- and footwear), jewellery, accessories, personal items (for example tableware, headscarves) as well as merchandise, tools, weapons and armour of the participants must meet the historical period. All participants will have to pass mandatory authenticity check on arrival. The use and wear of items not compliant with the regulations is forbidden during the opening hours of Muinaslaager (11.30-20.00).

Place and date
Kiruvere Muinaslaager is situated in Estonia, Harjumaa, in the parish of Kõue near the lake of Kiruvere and Paunküla water reservoir.
Muinaslaager will take place on the 21rd till 22th of July 2016. Prior to the event there will be a preparations team on the site consisting of organizers and volunteers.

NB! Previous registration is mandatory for all the participants.

This year the registration is done by e-mail: info [at] kiruvere.ee

In the registration e-mail we ask that you mention all the participants, their activities during Muinaslaager, the number and size of the tents as well as the number of cars that need parking space. In addition you should add your contribution to the Feast and everything else the organizers should know.

The registration will end on the 26th of June 2018. All the participants who have not registered themselves by that date will be treated as members of the audience, they cannot be in the area of the event after the opening hours and take part of the activities for participants in Muinaslaager.

All the activities in Kiruvere Muinaslaager will be coordinated and managed by the members of the organizing committee. These organizers will be introduced to all participants in the beginning of Muinaslaager and during the event will be recognizable by a special designator (a special type of belt).
All organizers are responsible for management for the duration of Muinaslaager. The organizers have the right to appoint themselves as well as other participants to organize and direct specific activities. When concerning the specific activity, the appointed participants are equal to organizers and their directives are compulsory for all the other participants engaged in this activity.

• The members of the organizing committee will previously register all the participants of Muinaslaager, will handle the authenticity check of the participants on the site and distribute the participant markers and food stamps. The organizing committee retains the right to choose the participants of Muinaslaager;
• If the rules and regulations of Muinaslaager have been violated by participants, the organizers have the right to remove these persons from Muinaslaager even though they have already registered and have received their participant marker;
• The directives and orders of the organizers are mandatory for all the participants;
• The organizers are not responsible for the actions of the participants;


Persons designated by the members of the organizing board will carry out the authenticity check in Kiruvere Muinaslaager. The check will be carried out in sections:

• General inspections: clothing, footwear, accessories etc. of all the participants;

• Checking of tools and merchandise: the goods and tools used or sold in Muinaslaager by merchants/craftsmen;

• Armour and weapons check: the weapons and armour carried and used by the participants;

Participants, who fail to pass the authenticity check cannot take part in Muinaslaager. The decision of the authenticity check is final and cannot be revoked.

In addition to the primary inspection, there will be overall checking of authenticity throughout the duration of Muinaslaager to all participants. If the authenticity of certain piece of costume, accessory or any other item/detail is questioned by the authenticity check, then the owner of the said item must produce at least a single solid evidence or source of scientific level to confirm the historical accuracy of the said item.

Furthermore, the organizers are demanding that each and every participant would also check the overall authenticity of Muinaslaager. If an unauthentic item is found, all participants should immediately look for the owner and ask him/her to hide the inappropriate item. If the owner is not found, then the item should be brought to the organizers tent, where the owner can retrieve their belongings later.

NB! Historically correct costume does not automatically guarantee the status of a participant! The authenticity check is mandatory to all participants even the good friends of the organizers.


This year every participant is again expected to contribute to the annual Kiruvere Feast.

All the clubs, associations and individuals may show their skills and knowledge in serving food, drink or entertainment to the other guests. Every group or individual participating in this contest shall receive public notification and an opportunity to publicly present both their name and their symbol at the Feast. It is also a creative opportunity to test both the individual and the cooperative skills of the participants to compete for the Best Feast Contributor award.

The organizers expect every group to participate, but for larger ideas cooperation between individuals and/or clubs is encouraged, as the food, drink or entertainment should be enough for the entire audience of the Feast. Every idea for the Feast Contribution should be noted on the registration form or agreed with the organizers separately.

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