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Kiruvere Muinaslaager offers you, dear visitor, a chance to see and experience a time called the Acnient Times. You can see it as it was, colourful and exciting, in Muinaslaager. Our goal it to recreate the daily life of ancient estonians and their neighbours.

You, dear visitor, are welcome to see, ask, inquire and find out. A respectful question will be answered and you will find out many interesting details about our ancestors, about our land and our history.

We are ordinary people, like you, only we are very fond of the history of our country. Books were not enough for us and so we will recreate a piece of history in Kiruvere. This was the time when women were golden and their jewellery made of silver and men were made of iron and their ships made of wood. This was the time when the man with the sword was the law and a woman with keychain was the ruler.


Standard ticket 5.- EUR

Family ticket 10.- EUR

Tickets for students and pensioners (has to show appropriate document) 3.- EUR

Pre-schoolers and younger children are admitted for free.

For group discounts contact us at info@kiruvere.ee


Kiruvere Muinaslaager strives to show an accurate picture of the Late Iron Age. All participants have worked hard to obtain appropriate clothing and items. We kindly ask you to repsect their effort and follow these rules:

  • Visitors are welcome in their normal modern attire. Please leave horned helmets, sporting bows, souvenire swords and other such items at home. As a visitor you will not be needing these in Muinaslaager and these may spoil the overall historic image of our event;
  • Muinaslaager is lacking some of modern amenities, such as card-payments, ATMs, hamburgers and trams. All goods and services are to be purchased for cash only;
  • Muinaslaager has a Tavern, where visitor can purchase food and drink for cash;
  • Muinaslaager participants are happily willing to share their knowledge about history, please ask away;
  • Please respect nature and do not litter, we have trashbins available;
  • Please respect the privacy of the participants. For a closer look of us, our things or tents please ask permission first;
  • All items, accessories and weapons found in Muinaslaager should be handed to the nearest participant. Owners thank you in advance;
  • Muinaslaager is opened at the specific times. Before and after that you have no business in our camp;

See you at Kiruvere Muinaslaager!

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