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Rules for merchants, craftsmen and performers

Muinaslaager will have limited area for trading and the sale of foodstuffs will be the sole monopoly of the organisers. The activities and goods of all merchants/ craftsmen/ performers must serve the overall purpose of Muinaslaager – to introduce the historical period of Late Iron Age. Sales- and business activities not compliant with the directives of the organisers and the overall rules of Muinaslaager are forbidden in the territory of Muinaslaager.

The clothing, footwear and accessories of the merchants, craftsmen and performers must comply with the same authenticity rules as all other participants. The wear of clothing, footwear or accessories in Muinaslaager which did not pass the authenticity check is forbidden.

In addition to the overall rules merchants, craftsmen and performers are also required to follow these supplementary rules:


• Merchants are required to be able to describe their goods and their respective connections (materials, technology, visual similarity to the originals) to the historical background;

• To get the permission and a designated trading spot for trading within the territory of Muinaslaager, one must fill out the according sections in the registration form and comply to all the rules within;

• The goods sold and on display in Muinaslaager must look authentic and fit the conjuncture and purpose of Muinaslaager. The goods can be manufactured using modern tools and techniques on the condition that the goods are approved by the organisers and fit the period of Muinaslaager. Ideally at least some of the goods should be historically correct both in materials and in technique. Exception to this rule is the sale of videos, books (and other printed materials), cassettes and CDs about archaeology and Iron Age. Every merchant should know and be able to describe the historical background of their products;

• If the organisers permit the sale of clothing, footwear, accessories or other items that are essentially unauthentic, then the wear and use by the participants of Muinaslaager (including by the sellers themselves) is strictly forbidden;


• The handcrafts performed on the site of Muinaslaager must be as authentic as possible both in materials, used tools and techniques and must pass the according authenticity check;

• Craftsmen are allowed to carry out workshops for the members of the audience and other participants. These workshops must however be in accordance with the overall principles of Muinaslaager. The organisers’ favour carrying out workshops, but this sort of activities must be coordinated with them and agreed upon previously. Uncoordinated workshops are not allowed in Muinaslaager;


• Performers should describe their performance act in the registration form and get to an agreement with the organisers about the specific time and place of their activity;

• Performers must previously register and coordinate their act with the organisers. The performance must comply with the limited possibilities of the site and follow the main ideology of Muinaslaager, that is to introduce Late Iron Age;

NB! The use of musical instruments in Kiruvere Muinaslaager is also limited to those instruments that could have been available in ancient Estonia. According to current information available Late Iron Age Estonia had various whistles and horns. From whistle is it safe to assume that both flute type instruments and willow whistle types were used. Bagpipes, which also belongs to the whistle family, has not been proven as musical instrument in Europe before Middle Ages, but in Kiruvere Muinaslaager the use of simple bagpipes is allowed. Besides whistles and flutes, drums and 5-6 string small harps are allowed as well as various „noise-makers“ – rattles etc. All instruments must be made of materials that were available in Ancient Estonia.

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