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All the participants are expected to follow and obey the directions of the organizers and contribute for the communal work of the event (displaying of historical handcraft for the public with the ability to explain the activity and its historical background; trading with authentic items or appropriate literature/media; helping in the preparation of meals; making sure that Muinaslaager is clean and the rules set by the organizers are followed; participating in the events and games). Those participants, who lack a specific activity, are asked to participate in the overall work set by the organizers.

NB! Since the budget of Muinaslaager is limited, there will be no catering organised for the participants. The participants are asked to bring their own food and to organise themselves the prearation and consumption of the food according to the rules and regulations of Muinaslaager. Also there will be no guards organised for the camping and parking areas.

People (including family and friends of the participants), who do not qualify as participants, are not allowed to be in the area of Muinaslaager after the opening hours and will not be allowed to take part in the activities reserved for the participants.

• All the activities in Kiruvere Muinaslaager will be coordinated and managed by the members of the organizing committee. These organizers will be introduced to all participants in the beginning of Muinaslaager;

• Kiruvere Muinaslaager is trying to achieve a fully authentic look and feel in its appearance and therefore is demanding that all the participants should do the same. The historical period of Muinaslaager is set between the 9th and12th century AD (set loosely between the years of 850 till 1150) and centers on the geographical location of Viking Age Estonia. All the clothing (including head- and footwear), jewellery, accessories, personal items (for example tableware, headscarves) as well as merchandise, tools, fire-making equipment, weapons and armour of the participants must meet the historical period. All participants will have to pass mandatory authenticity check on arrival. The use and wear of items not compliant with the regulations is forbidden for all participants of Muinaslaager;

• During Muinaslaager the organizers will check the surrounds to maintain and demand also from the participants to maintain the overall authenticity of Muinaslaager. If an unauthentic item is found, all participants should immediately look for the owner and ask him/her to hide the inappropriate item. If the owner is not found, then the item should be brought to the organizers tent, where the owner can retrieve their belongings later;

• Organizers are stressing that all the participants should be accurate and competent in explaining the history of Baltic Iron Age and answering the questions from the audience. All such questions should be directed to more informed participants or to the organizers, who will be responsible for answering all the history related questions for the duration of Muinaslaager;

• There will be no catering organised for the participants this year. Also there will be no centralized dishwashing, each participant will be responcible for the hygiene of their own tableware. In Muinaslaager the strict rules of authenticity still apply and participants are allowed to openly prepare and eat only historically accurate food from authentic tableware;

• Participants can wash themselves, their tableware and other items only in places designated by the organizers. Since Muinaslaager is situated near a public beach, washing in the lakes is not allowed;

• All re-enactment groups and participants arriving to Muinaslaager are expected to have minimal medical supplies and able personnel (at least one person per group). All participants are also expected to offer their help and assistance to all injured persons whether these are warriors, other participants or members of the audience;

• Participants are responsible for their personal belongings. Please do not leave your weapons, tableware, clothing and other items unattended. All found items and effects should be brought to the nearest organiser, to make sure nothing gets lost or stolen. Organisers are not responsible for lost items and valuables. It is the common responsibility of all participants to tend for the overall order of things. Parents/caretakers are also responsible for their accompanying children;

• Littering, lighting fires in undesignated places, cutting the trees in and around Muinaslaager, polluting the nature and any other such behaviour, that does not comply with common norms and regulations is strictly forbidden;

• Consumption of alcohol in Muinaslaager is allowed within reasonable amounts (so that this kind of activity would not disturb other participants and members of the audience and would not interfere with the overall schedule of the events due to the incapacity of participants). Use of narcotics as well as violent and insulting behaviour towards participants and members of the audience is strictly forbidden;

• During Muinaslaager it is strictly forbidden the public use of items, drinks and food products of modern nature or in modern package (including all modern food products). Attention parents! This limitation applies also to children! The only exception to this rule is the use of modern medicines and bandages;

• During Muinaslaager smoking is allowed only in specially designated places. Smoking is allowed after the opening hours only if this does not disturb the overall impression of the event;

• There will be several places for campfires, which will be reserved for cooking and displaying of historical cookery. NB! The selling of food to the public is the sole monopoly of the organisers and participants are not allowed such activity Unauthentic cooking and sale of this kind of food will be directed away from the main site;

• Participants are forbidden to wear and use modern items such as watches and mobile phones. The use of these items is allowed only in the case of an emergency and for the organizers to fulfil their duties, who are also obliged to use them hidden from the public;

• Participants are allowed to use and carry modern photo and video cameras. However while carring around such devices all participants should maintain the overall atmosphere of authenticity. If these devices are currently not used, then these should be covered up or be hidden inside authentic material (for example inside a linen-woolen bag or canvas). Special care should be taken while participants are posing for photos and video themselves and keep the modern devices out of the picture;

• Camping in the area of Muinaslaager is allowed only in designated sites and only for registered participants who have passed the mandatory authenticity check. All other persons, including the family and friends of the participants, are not allowed to camp in or around the area of Muinaslaager. The camping in Muinaslaager is organized in two main sites. Camping on the main site of Muinaslaager is allowed only in authentic tents and other pavilions approved by the organizers. The insides as well as the surroundings of the historical tents are to be kept in order. Modern items inside the tents should be concealed to keep up the overall appearance and feeling of historical period. The camping area for modern tents is separated from the main site and is situated further away;

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